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Why is Eric Biennemy not a Head Coach Already?

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Eric Biennemy is widely perceived as the best offensive coordinator in the NFL. Although Patrick Mahomes is the best QB and he has a plethora of offensive weapons, the play call and scheming that Biennemy implements is next level.
Yet he has not gotten serious consideration for head coaching jobs over the past 3 years. Only token inclusion because of the Rooney rule that forces teams to ‘interview’ but not forced to hire at least one minority candidate.
Something is wrong with the NFL. It’s an old white boy’s network.
Eric Biennemy saw Patrick Mahomes, drafted him at #12 in the draft I think, sat him for a year his rookie season to learn by watching Alex Smith, let Pat play the last game I think, traded or cut Alex Smith that off season because he knew what he had in Mahomes.
First year as a starter with Eric calling the plays Mahomes wins the MVP. Second year he wins the super bowl and is Super Bowl MVP yet Biennemy cannot get a head coaching job. If he was white, he’d have had a head coaching job by now. Want proof?
I give you Kyle Shanahan. He did a great job as offensive coordinator in Atlanta but his team didn’t win a super bowl and his offensive genius failed him in the second half of that super bowl. Tom Brady and the Patriots came from behind and stole the game from them. Kyle the Great Shanahan, for all his offensive prowess, could not put up any points in the second half to stop the bleeding, keep the Pats at bay, give his defense some rest, stymie the momentum that the Patriots had taken and just maybe win the game. In spite of this, he is considered boy wonder, boy genius and shuttled off to be the head coach of the iconic franchise that is the San Francisco 49ers. Why didn’t the Falcons run the ball more?
Eric Biennemy has done much more. His offense won a super bowl, came within one play and one questionable call by the refs of going to the super bowl the year before, and in year three look headed to a second super bowl and possibly a division championship. So Eric achieves more than Kyle but doesn’t get a head coaching job. This underscores the point that a black person has to be twice as good as their white counterpart, to get just half of what their white counterpart gets. This is real talk, real life, really unfair, but really true. I don’t care about Shanahan’s pedigree or Daddy’s legacy… Eric is better.

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