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The Eagles have not landed

The expression eagle has landed, by definition means that something or someone has arrived or something great has happened. The Philadelphia Eagles have not landed and are a disappointment

The expression eagle has landed, by definition means that something or someone has arrived or something great has happened. The Philadelphia Eagles have not landed and are a disappointment. How did this happen? I thought that Doug Pederson was the guy. They won a super bowl, beating two GOATS, in Tom Brady and Bill Bellicheck! And then the fall.

Carson Wentz was the second overall pick of the 2016 NFL Draft. The guy was so talented and expected to be their quarterback of the future. He was athletic, evasive, made plays and was en route to being a league MVP

Wentz showed great ability in his first three NFL seasons. Unfortunately, despite the Eagles making the playoff during his time there, Wentz has yet to play in a postseason game. He watched the Eagles soar to the franchise’s first Super Bowl with Nick Foles in charge, after a torn ACL had ended his season in Week 14. Then a back injury sidelined him the year after, with Nick Foles leading Philly to an upset playoff win at Chicago and a near-victory in New Orleans. Wentz has the ability but he must make better decisions on the field. He can extend plays as well as anyone — and does a good job of keeping his eyes downfield when doing so — yet he has a tendency to put himself in risky situations. I like Wentz, but he must be available for his team when the postseason comes. .

The other bit is his leadership style. As a fellow Christian, I root for the guy. He loves the Lord and praises God. This was all great stuff at the beginning. But something went wrong and he not only began throwing teammates and coaches under the bus, but somehow lost the locker room. Ownership must have seen something, because they took Jalen Hurts in the second round of the NFL 2020 draft. Then it all fell apart during the season with Hurtz replacing Wentz as the starting quarterback for the Eagles and the team later trading Wentz to the Indianapolis Colts.

To Wentz’ credit, he did not have great weapons available to him on a consistent basis during his time in Philly. That’s hard to overcome but my sense is that his personality, leadership style and behavior was the real reason the team traded him. He needed a fresh start as it just wasn’t working in Philadelphia.

Talent is talent, so I think he will be fine. Expect him to perform better with Frank Reich, with whom he excelled in Philadelphia. Even if he wins a super bowl with the Colts, which I highly doubt I the immediate future, the Eagles should not regret trading him as this was a situation that was just not working.

Doug Pederson has to ask himself what he did wrong as well, because he’s out of a head coaching job that should have been his to keep for at least 8-10 years. How do you win a super bowl, go deep in the playoffs the following year and the next year or so you’re fired? Again, the ownership must have seen something that fans did not, because they ditched Pederson AND Wentz. That same ownership is in my view mostly to blame. They let things get out of hand before stepping in.

Firing good head coaches and trading second overall pick quarterbacks should be the last option, not one that you select so quickly. Also, the fact that they fired both guys is an indictment of the GM and owner, who failed to effectively manage a complex situation and could not resolve a dispute which they, as the leadership, are expected and paid to resolve. In a well-run franchise, either one or the other goes or the survivor remains with the franchise. Case in point, Aaron Rodgers remained in Green Bay but Mike McCarthy was out.

So the Eagles are in reboot mode and the Doug Pederson/Carson Wentz era is over. I wish them well because the city of brotherly love and sisterly affection deserves better than this. I’d be remiss if I did not state that Donovan McNabb was held to a much higher standard than Carson Wentz. If McNabb had pulled some of the nonsense that Wentz has done, they would have dissed him big time. Looking back, it is fair to say that Donovan McNabb performed better and was a better quarterback than Carson Wentz if you look at what they both achieved. It’s the same old story fans. One player is given a longer leash than another. One is held to a higher standard than another. The fans love Carson Wentz. The fans liked Donovan McNabb. But McNabb gave them more, did more and achieved more.

In closing I wish the Eagles, Wentz and Pederson good luck in the future. The Eagles need to figure out some things and establish some consistency. Will Jalen Hurtz be the future? The locker room seems to like him a lot. They chose Nick Sirianni as their next head coach and whilst I wish him well, I confess my disappointment

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