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Sleepless in Seattle

The Seattle Seahawks and the entire city should be sleepless. Why? Because they are on the verge of trading away the best quarterback the franchise has ever had

The Seattle Seahawks and the entire city should be sleepless. Why? Because they are on the verge of trading away the best quarterback the franchise has ever had, in Russell Wilson. This guy was the consummate team player, face of the franchise, leader, teammate, citizen, friend, person, husband, and father. He never got into any trouble, was great for cameras, marketing, interviews well, etc. He has taken this team to two super bowls, won one and only lost the second because the coach and offensive coordinator made a very bad call and didn’t want Beast Mode to get the game winning touchdown, to make a point. He’s been the most successful quarterback in that team’s history. WHAT. THE. HELL. MORE. DO. YOU. WANT?

Russell Wilson’s complaint is that he wants to have more say in personnel decisions and he wants to stop getting hit. He’s been hit more than any other quarterback over the past few years and he’s sick and tired of it. My sense is that he feels that if he has a say in personnel decisions, he can better protect himself.

Seattle needs a better offensive line and a better running game. They could also use an upgrade in play calling and take the ball out of Wilson’s hands sooner, a la Tom Brady, Drew Brees and the quarterbacks who are less mobile. Notice that these guys who are less mobile but get the ball out quickly can play until 40? I think Wilson needs to transform his game to only run when necessary, as the exception, not the rule. At his age, as a family man, who wants to be physically and mentally sound when he’s done playing, so that he can actually speak to his wife and kids, understand them and be able to have a decent quality of life. If he keeps getting sacked at his current rate, that will not happen.

The other part of this is that here we go with the good old boys argument again. Or if you want to call it management vs labor. But its really old white men in charge not liking young black (or even biracial in his case) men questioning their leadership, decision making or wanting to be part of decision making or wanting to have influence. Well good old boys, the world is changing. Athletes are more empowered, smarter, taking charge of their careers, exercising whatever power they can. Professional sports’ recent history is replete with examples of players who have done this. Lebron James started the current trend. Kyrie Irving. Kevin Durrant. James Harden. The in the NFL its Tom Brady, Deshawn Watson, Matthew Stafford, to name a few.

So the Seahawks are open to trading him and are considering offers. Basically this is an ego move. They’re saying that they would rather trade the best quarterback our franchise has ever had than include him in our decision making. Wow. Enough said. Good luck with that. I predict that if they do trade him, it will be some 25 years before they ever get to or win another super bowl. The NFC is loaded and whilst they have some great receivers, their running backs are average and you need a great quarterback to pair with great receivers if you’re to have success in the NFL. Great quarterbacks, hall of fame quarterbacks, usually only appear on teams once every 25 years. So good luck Seahawks. You trade Russell Wilson; we may see you in a super bowl sometime in 2040.

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