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A 17 game season huh?

Are we really concerned about player safety?

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So this fall the NFL is moving to a 17 game season. Its really ‘all about the Benjamins baby’, but this is going to be a problem for the players. Here is why.

the NFL is one of the most brutal sports, with a very high incidence of injuries. Adding another game to a 16 game season will ensure that at least 4-5 players get injured. According to a 2016 Pro Football Logic study, an NFL player has a 4.1% chance of getting injured in a game that causes them to miss the next game. That same study projected that most players can expect to play 14 games a year, not the full 16. That’s just the guys who don’t suffer season-ending or career-ending injuries.

There’s also the issue of protecting the players’ health for life after football. Adding another game to the season tells me that the owners are more interested in their bottom line and the players’ health, while they’re playing or after they’ve retired. So the decision to add another game to the season can only be about maximizing revenue. You’d have to be a really good debater to convince me otherwise.

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