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Houston, we have a problem!

The Houston Texans are a poorly run franchise.  The management has repeatedly mad very bad football decisions and wasted the careers of hall of fame players.

The Houston Texans are a poorly run franchise.  The management has repeatedly mad very bad football decisions and wasted the careers of hall of fame players.

Andre Johnson should be a first ballot hall of fame wide receiver. He played there for maybe 12 years, on bad teams, put up awesome numbers, was a beast, never advanced far in the playoffs, wasted his best years there, and finally ended up playing in Indianapolis and Tennessee for the last years of his career. That was between 2002 and 2014.

DeShawn Watson is pissed because of a few things, the fact that the team is poorly managed, the fact that they are not socially conscious and not woke to the black lives matter movement and the social issues affecting the country and in particular people of colour. They also traded away his best offensive weapon Deandre Hopkins, because the coach didn’t like him. Deandre Hopkins had mad chemistry with Deshawn, they played together at Clemson. Hopkins has the best hands in the NFL of all receivers, he seldom drops a ball. He went through an entire season with maybe one dropped pass a few years ago. You don’t trade a guy like that. He wanted a raise. So you pay him as he’s a top 3 WR. So they left Watson without his top weapon, nobody to pass the ball to so the team sucked this year.

Then this season they fired the coach, Bill Obrien, who made the bad decisions of the past 4 years. Watson asked to be part of the process to hire the next GM and coach. They dissed him. He asked for them to interview Eric Biennemy and they ignored him until recent media pressure so they have reached out to Biennemy because they’re under public pressure.

Andre Johnson does not say much. He has retired and keeps to himself. After all of this, He finally spoke up this week and told Watson to get the hell out of dodge and leave the Houston Texans because the team is badly managed and has a history of wasting players’ careers. Deandre Hopkins said “When Andre Johnson speaks, listen”.

Watson wants to play for my Miami Dolphins, because we have a black head coach and GM. So he’s trying to force a trade. I have no issue with what he is doing and fully support him. Even if he ends up with another team not my Dolphins, Another option for him is San Francisco who are considering moving on from Jimmy Garoppolo. But Watson wants Miami. We will see what happens.

There is something happening, or more correctly something is not happening, in the city of Houston; but I think it’s more about the entire state of Texas. Even before the Deshawn Watson saga, James Harden and Russell Westbrook both made it clear that they wanted out of Houston.

Some of it had to do with the fact that the team could not win as it was constructed at the time and the fact that given the arms race in the ultra-competitive western conference; the team was going nowhere, not likely to win a championship or even get past the first round of the playoffs. So Harden and Westbrook both jumped ship.

However, it seems that the city of Houston and/or the state of Texas has some deep seeded racial polarization and an apparent lack of sensitivity to the social consciousness movement of fairness and equality that is happening in America at the moment.

The Rockets, Texans and Cowboys have intimated that they are not ‘woke’, don’t want to be ‘woke’ and don’t care.

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