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Lebron fires back at Zlatan, who ‘missed the mark’

Zlatan Ibrahimovic claims that athletes should ‘avoid activism and stick to what you are good at’, in response to the social activism activities of so many athletes, but in particular he was referring to Lebron James. James rightly fired back with strong comments in the article above.
Zlatan sounds like your typical entitled white racist bigot who doesn’t realize that he is a racist bigot. Its selective for him. He can do his thing in Sweden when an issue concerns him or his people but he denies others the right to advocate for their community.
To be fair in considering the issue, I discussed it with others. One said that he’s not convinced, in this instance, that Zlatan is being a bigot and referenced that Zlatan was given an apology recently from Red Star Belgrade for ethnic abuse. Another said that he’s the worst type of racist because he’s an elite racist. Still another opined that if he was racially abused himself, his words are worse and that his comments are a text book case of white privilege.
Zlatan is like Drew Brees, who in his own words ‘missed the mark’ Ibrahimovic has missed the mark and should shut the heck up and leave this alone. People have the right to use their platform to help their people, to right wrongs of the past and the current eras. I agree with ESPN analyst Shaka Hislop, who said that we will not just shut up and dribble and we will continue to fight against injustices. Lebron and others, more others, should speak out until the world is a fairer, kinder, gentler place. And then we should speak out to say that it has become a kinder, gentler place to make sure that it continues to be that way.

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