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What the hell was Paul Pierce thinking?

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So ESPN fired your boy Paul Pierce for his error in judgment. To be fair, he did not do anything illegal but he did do something silly. I’m not mad at him for what he did. He just exercised poor judgment in putting in on social media. Dude, you’re 40 something. Have the strippers, do your thing, but don’t put it on social media for all the world to see. The reason is that you work, well used to work, for Walt Disney bruh. That’s a family-friendly audience and there is no way they were going to keep you on after that.

Paul Pierce might have some money stashed from his playing days but those ESPN checks were a nice supplement for the rest of his life. People should not assume that because professional athletes make lots of money when they’re playing; there’s lots of money properly saved and available for their retirement.

Ultimately this was just something that did not need to happen. There is another theory, that he did this intentionally, wanting to get out of the ESPN contract. That is possible and would be a more logical explanation of why someone would do something like this. However, I don’t believe he wanted to get out of the ESPN deal, so let’s dismiss that as a real and serious possibility.

I’m not the kind of guy who likes to kick a person when they’re down. I’m not built like that. In this regard, I wish Paul Pierce well in his future endeavors. Hopefully he learns something from this and is able to move forward with his life in a positive manner.

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