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Draymond tells it as he sees it.

Draymond tells it like it is, to him.

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One thing about Draymond Green is that he’s never been afraid of a challenge, an opponent, or even a microphone. Draymond calls it as he thinks it is, no matter the issue.

I understand most of his comments and credit him for his authenticity, his social activism, and the fact that he keeps media personnel working, by giving them fodder to discuss, whether it be in writing or on the air live. But sometimes he says things that are ill-advised or don’t come across the way he intended.

He might be best advised to have a chat with his publicist or even the Warriors’ communications director, just to avoid putting his foot in his mouth. The resources are always there to assist folks if they will only ask for help. The Golden State Warriors likely pay their communications director good money to do their job. I’m certain that the incumbent would be more than delighted to give him a few pointers on what to say, topics to avoid, how to say it, etc.

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