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Arsenal frustrates fans!

Gunners’ guns are not firing, well not consistently.

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You have to be absolutely mad to be an Arsenal fan. The team frustrates its fans. They will beat a good team like Southampton, as they did in convincing fashion in January. Then they follow that up by laying an egg against Manchester United for a draw. Thereafter they habitually lose games they should have won, against teams like Aston Villa and Wolves.

I know that we are talking about real football here, not American football, but I have to quote Bill Parcells here, to describe Arsenal. Coach Parcells once famously said, “You are what your record says you are”.  This describes Arsenal perfectly. We are an inconsistent, middle of the table team, worthy of being in 8th or 9th place.

The team has enough talent to be in the top four of the EPL and they really should be a champions league team. But they are too inconsistent, which suggests immaturity, lack of leadership and the senior players not imposing their will or experience on the younger teammates.

I like Arteta and endorsed his hiring at the beginning. I like the cut of his jib, but we must remember that for all of his experience as a player and as an assistant at Manchester City; he was the assistant, not the actual Manager. My point is that he needs more time. We have to be patient with him and he will eventually figure it out.

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